monumental breakdown

life continues that one afternoon in the spring by the water. i am looking at the swans, ducks, pigeons, seagulls. the animal diversity of oslo. two people throw bread on the ground right next to me. i am thinking about a meme where a pigeon is illustrated like a little robot with a camera inside. it explains that the reason why the world is on shutdown is because the batteries in the pigeon need to be changed. 


a black-headed gull is standing next to me. its kid screams with a loud and shrilling voice. a second after, the mother gasps up compressed bread from its insides and the kid eats it ferociously. 


i throw up in my own mouth by witnessing it. i am my own black-headed seagull mother and i am feeding myself.

and yet a trace of the true self exist in the false self

på naturhistorisk museum i oslo findes et diorama med måger. du kan trykke på en knap og så kan du høre mågelyde mens udstoppede måger hænger fra snore i taget.

dioramaet består af falske sten dækket til af hvid akrylmaling som forestiller mågelort.

hvis du trykker på videoen til venstre kan du se et eksempel.

the river continues through the city and out into the ocean. from the fresh drinking water at the top, the river collects human waste down through the mountain. i am at the very bottom, before the freshwater meets the saltwater. the dirtiest place in town. layers on layers of birdshit on carved granite stones. this is where i want to sit. i feel like this exact place describes everything in the world.

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